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If you have a habit of smoking, you may have caught yourself craving a cigarette now and then even if you had no conscious plans to excuse yourself for a smoke break. This is due to the dependence-forming property of the nicotine, which may cause you to develop a destructive addiction to smoking tobacco.

Dr. Mike Simpson and our team at Theta Wellness Center offer further insight into the addictive side of smoking to help you understand its effect on your mind and body. Our hope is that, with the right information, you will feel encouraged to seek support to help resolve your smoking habit.

Addiction varies by individual, with some people becoming addicted to nicotine within a few uses while others can smoke for years without forming a compulsive habit. The addictive nature of smoking occurs as a result of an overstimulation of hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain that overbalances the body’s reward system. The abnormalization of the brain chemistry makes it difficult to control the habit or quit outright.

The American Heart Association has labeled nicotine addiction as one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. If you have tried to quit “cold turkey” or substitute alternative methods such as nicotine patches or vaping, but have inevitably resorted back to cigarettes, we invite you to speak with our team about our unique approach to addressing nicotine addiction.

Contact Theta Wellness Center at 801-590-7461 today to enter a customized program for nicotine addiction in Sandy, Utah. Our wellness professionals look forward to providing you with the support and resources to help you quit smoking for good!