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One of the social views of pornography addiction is that it only affects a certain demographic: lonely men. However, the truth is that anyone can develop an addiction to pornography due to the following reasons:

1. Pornography is not recognized as a problem. In fact, many people begin viewing porn for the first time out of curiosity or as a form of sexual education, with no realization of the jeopardy they are placing themselves in. However, the brain links feelings of arousal to what is on screen in order to create pathways that help consumers find their way back to the gratification of pornography.

2. Viewing pornography is a form of escape. Oftentimes, people turn to pornography to cope with negative emotions such as isolation, loneliness, depression and even boredom. Pornography can alleviate these feelings in the short term but often leaves consumers feeling worse afterward and craving more.

3. A habit of viewing pornography can be hard to control. By the time consumers recognize that their pornography habit is conflicting with their emotions and social life, they often find it very difficult to quit. Pornography can become as addictive as heroin, and because it’s just as taboo in some parts of society, addicts have a hard time finding someone to turn to for help.

Theta Wellness Center utilizes a scientific, neurological approach to helping resolve the effects of pornography by working to alter chemical imbalances in the brain which often keep one entrenched in addiction. Dr. Mike Simpson and our team encourage you to contact our wellness facility at 801-590-7461 today to learn how you can resolve a pornography addiction in Sandy, Utah.