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At the Theta Wellness Center, we have assembled a staff and created a system designed to address many of the issues that complicate our lives. In addition to our doctor Stuart Porter and our therapist Bonnie Waraniski, our team is led by our director Mike Simpson. Mike has 20 years of experience and 3 certifications with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and is also a board-certified Omni Hypnotist. He has successfuy helped clients who have struggled with depression, anxiety, addiction, asthma, chronic aches and pains, allergies and many other things. The team at the Theta Wellness Center will not simply see you as a collection of symptoms, but as a whole person, and we will address the core issues.

Additionally, the Theta Wellness Center makes use of the latest science and technology to treat problems and behaviors that make life difficult. Using ThetaChamber℠ technology, the team at the Theta Wellness Center combines light, sound, hypnosis and motion and a client’s own brainwaves in the to resolve issues. We also employ light therapy and even nutrition. Hypnosis and NLP to help clients overcome phobias, anxiety, and even depression and PTSD.
At the Theta Wellness Center, we are pleased to help our clients resolve such issues as addiction, depression, OCD, PTSD and ADHD. We can also assist with helping clients deal with Lyme Disease, and we offer detox and pain management programs. Moreover, we do it without the use chemicals or drugs.

Clients at the Theta Wellness Center have been received help for such things as post-partum depression, bi-polar disorders, tremors, teeth grinding and allergies. The Theta Wellness Center in Sandy, Utah, can help you overcome illnesses and challenges that you may have thought would be permanent parts of your life. To find out what we can do for you, contact us today at 801-590-7461, or visit us at We look forward to restoring you to wholeness.