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Mike Simpson at the Theta Wellness Center has just completed an advanced regression certification that specialized in forensic hypnosis. You may ask yourself how forensic hypnosis applies to such issues as addiction help, depression therapy, and allergies?

Forensic hypnosis is used to recover memories or details that are not easily recalled otherwise. While it is sometimes used in law enforcement, often, the roots of a problem with an allergy, addiction, or a chronic pain may have its roots in something deep in a person’s past. It may not necessarily be traumatic, but recovering that issue and addressing it can be an important part of drug and alcohol recovery, chronic pain relief and other maladies that keep you from enjoying a whole and healthy life. As Mike can explain, the human mind is phenomenally complex. It is similar to a computer, and like a computer, the presence of bad files can result in problems. The goal of hypnosis is to find those files, and by doing so, get to the cause of the problem, instead of merely addressing the symptoms. In some cases, it may be an issue of locating a single memory that is at the root of your problem. Rather than “put you under” as the saying goes, hypnosis is actually a highly focused state of consciousness, which can be used to pinpoint the cause of your addiction, depression, anxiety, and many other health issues. It is a facet of health counseling that can open many doors to wellness.

Mike has successfully used hypnosis to help clients to conquer such things as depression, anxiety, addiction and allergies. In some cases, people have been able to quit smoking after a single session. If you need addiction treatment, are seeking chronic pain relief, or need help in addressing anxiety or depression, you should take time to talk to Mike and the staff at the Theta Wellness Center in Sandy, Utah. We are just a phone call away at 801-590-7461. The Theta Wellness Center is a treatment center designed to restore the whole person, not just treat a collection of symptoms. Hypnosis may be the key that helps you unlock a new life.