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When you hear the word “hypnosis” you may think of a performer coercing members of an audience into doing stunts; or the word may conjure up images of someone swinging a watch back and forth saying”You are getting very sleepy.”

The truth is that hypnosis is not a trick, and it is not magic. Rather, hypnosis is a way of directing a person’s attention away from outside distractions, and giving them the ability to receive and respond to suggestion. While hypnosis may have gained attention for its entertainment value, it is a useful method for helping people who are coping with trauma and pain.

Hypnosis has been in use for many years. At the Theta Wellness Center, we work with you through the use hypnosis to address such issues as addiction and PTSD. Hypnosis has also been successful when applied to problems such as headaches, dental work, burns, depression and chronic pain. Hypnosis has also been used to make the birthing process easier, and to relieve anxiety.

If you feel as if you have tried every other method of coping with issues regarding pain, addiction, depression, or related problems, and nothing seem to have worked for you, perhaps it is time to meet with Mike Simpson at the Theta Wellness Center in Sandy, Utah. Mike will be happy to spend some time with you to explain how hypnosis works, and how it might benefit you. Not only will Mike help you to understand how hypnosis can offer you relief, but he will also work with you to uncover the reason of your pain, and if necessary, help you craft a plan to address not only the symptoms, but also the source your problem.

If you live on the Wasatch Front, and find yourself confronting chronic or acute pain, or if you are facing emotional or mental health issues, contact the Theta Wellness Center today at 801-590-7461. We look forward to walking with you on the road to health and wholeness.