Our bodies can handle a lot, but when they start to break down, we can become more susceptible to further damage. At Theta Wellness Center, we offer a detox program in Sandy, Utah, that can repair and rejuvenate your body and mind. We welcome you to contact us at 801-590-7461 for more information, and to meet with our doctors and professionals, Mike Simpson, Diana Simpson, Dr. Stuart Porter, and Dr. Bonnie Warinski.

While our bodies are strong and made to fight of harmful substances, we cannot rely on our bodies remaining healthy without our help. Over time, there are many things that can take a toll on our health, including:

  • Toxins from food, air pollution, beauty products, and household cleaners
  • Pesticides & insecticides
  • Drugs and other medications
  • Careless maintenance
  • Abuse (self or other)
  • Genetic conditions


Toxins can be absorbed through the skin, by swallowing, or by breathing them in. Different chemicals and different degrees of toxins produce different effects on the body. Some effects are mild, such as rashes, fatigue, or blurred vision, but others can be life-threatening, including asthma or depression and high blood pressure. Chemical reproductive toxins can create issues, such as hormone disruption, mutagens, sterility/infertility, and lactation absorption that can affect an unborn baby.

Toxins, especially pesticides, can increase your chances of developing Parkinson’s disease by 70%. They can also weaken nerve cells and make you more vulnerable to disease, lower birth weight, lead to growth issues, and contribute to some behavioral disorders in children. A study conducted by the Natural Resource Defense Council states that children who were exposed to pesticides early in life developed birth defects, brain cancer, and leukemia. These are shockingly scary facts.


Theta Wellness Center has developed a detox program to help eliminate harmful chemicals or other substances from your body. With the Whole Body Light Stimulation℠, we use infrared light to safely increase the production of healthy cells and rejuvenate existing cells. This increases your body’s natural defense system and improves blood circulation, helping remove the toxins from your body.

For more information, we welcome you to contact our practice today.