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There are many misconceptions of PTSD, such as the following: that it is simply stress, only experienced by combat veterans, makes people dangerous, or is something to “just get over.” The truth is that PTSD involves a chemical imbalance in the brain caused by a traumatic event that can also be addressed with a healthier approach.

Experiencing trauma from an accident, assault, abuse, or combat disrupts the reward circuit of the brain, resulting in a variety of symptoms and defense strategies. About 60-80% of people who undergo trauma develop PTSD, according to the website,, and at any given time, 31.3 million Americans are dealing with this disorder. There is a woeful lack of information and effective recovery assistance for PTSD, and many patients avoid professional help altogether due to the many misconceptions that shroud the disorder itself in shame and obscurity.

However, Theta Wellness Center is committed to providing unparalleled wellness options for PTSD in Sandy, Utah. We focus on helping resolve the chemical imbalances in the brain that result in PTSD, as well as anxiety and stress, as this is often at the root of a trauma-induced psychological disorder. Our drug-free neurological approach enlists the help of cutting-edge technology to restore healthy production of neurotransmitters, producing faster and more effective PTSD recovery choices than many rehab centers.

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