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Our bodies are designed to withstand a lot, but even the strongest of us can be weakened by a buildup of toxins. When your body is vulnerable, it is more likely to develop health problems and begin to break down. At Theta Wellness Center, we invite you to start the new year fresh by visiting our facility for a detox with our Whole Body Light Stimulation℠ method.

Toxins can enter your body in many forms, including air pollution, pesticides, household cleaners, and beauty products, and can be inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed through the skin. While you may not be aware of any obvious symptoms of toxin buildup in your body, it can manifest in seemingly unrelated medical concerns such as rashes, blurred vision, fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, and asthma. It can also affect young and unborn children, leading to low birth weight, behavioral disorders, and birth defects.

Our highly trained and experienced wellness team at Theta Wellness Center can help assist you in reducing these harmful substances in your body through our detox program. We offer the Whole Body Light Stimulation, which uses red and infrared lights to rejuvenate and boost the production of healthy cells, improving blood circulation and enhancing your body’s natural defenses. It can also address chronic discomfort caused by arthritis, joint pain, high blood pressure, nerve damage, and more.

As the new year approaches, it brings many fresh opportunities, including the ability to live a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. To learn more about our detox program in Sandy, Utah, and schedule a wellness consultation with Mike Simpson and our team, call 801-590-7461 today.