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Theta Wellness Center Chris Smyres Interview Mike Simpson

I may share my story as time goes on but for now Im so filled with gratitude for the opportunity to meet with Mike at the Theta Wellness Center that I wouldn’t want anyone who is pondering and searching to have another moment of uncertainty. When I arrived to the appointment and met with Mike we began talking and it felt fluid and comfortable, within the first few minutes I knew that I was where I’ve wanted to be for a long time. I know that if any of you who are reading this review seek the answer or remedy to heal you, you will find or discover it… I hope soon. If I could have had this meeting 15 yrs ago I surely could have avoided so much in my life like my desperate search.
Theta Wellness Center is the best Wellness Center in Utah. The owner Mike has extensive knowledge of emotional health and has assisted me in getting through hard times after my son went through brain cancer. Such a blessing!
I highly recommend Mike Simpson and the staff at Theta Wellness Center. I live in Washington and on a recent trip to Salt Lake, they worked with my schedule in order to allow me to have a session before I left. I have been struggling with deep depression that would not lift. After just one session, I feel so much brighter and happier. Thank you so much!
I had been searching for answers for many years and I can say that my life has changed after visiting with Mike. The pain, fear, and sadness from my childhood, have now been replaced with peace, hope and love. I really never thought I would say that. I figured I would be struggling with the same things for the rest of my life. I felt I had tried everything and it would work for awhile but then I would get back into the busyness of life and I would resort back to my old ways.
I know it sounds strange and I was very skeptical. I didn’t want to spend one more penny on a program because I felt like I had wasted so much time and money already. I know I have so many things to be grateful for, but I couldn’t see it, I was consumed by never being enough and never having enough. I was hiding behind the extra pounds, using it as an excuse to not be the person I knew I was supposed to be. I was exhausted of the never-ending rollercoaster ride and wanted something to be different. I heard Mike speak at a conference and knew that this sounded interesting. I finally went to the first class to hear about what he does and he said, “If you have tried everything and you don’t know what else to do, this is the right place for you.” I knew then that I was where I needed to be. I wanted a change but didn’t know how. I am so grateful I did and so is my husband. He noticed the change right away. My life will never be the same. I know now, I am enough, I have enough, and I can accomplish the things I am meant to do. Thanks, Mike!
Mike has seriously changed my life already! I went to see him about a three weeks ago. His loving, kind, open spirit made things very comfortable and safe. He has no judgements and only love. I can’t wait to go back for my next session. I am already a better version of myself and can’t wait for more. The entire staff is full of love and compassion and is definitely a place I want to be in to heal. Thank you Mike! And everyone else at Theta Wellness. My love and gradutuite is endless!
We are so thankful for the help Mike has given our family. He has a gift for getting to the source of the problems and is able to help you resolve things and heal from years of heartache and struggle in a much shorter time than any other therapist we have seen. He has helped 4 of my 6 kids and I have scheduled him to see my last 2. We love Mike!He helped us with suicidal thoughts, depression, migraines, eating disorder, and fear.We are so grateful! There is a lot more joy and balance in our lives thanks to Mike!

I have severe asthma for 7 years. I have tried everything possible to overcome it, but nothing has worked. Nobody was able to get to the sub conscious sabateurs that were blocking my recovery. Then I discovered Mike Simpson at Theta Wellness. After only one session with him he was able to diagnose the problem and eliminate it! I am fully confident I will reach a full recovery. It was amazing!! I also purchased the Kasina and CES machines. Both the affirmations and music have been a significant help to me and are definitely worth the price.
After silently suffering for the past four years of a blood issue, and having been to medical doctors and natural healing specialists without any permanent positive results, I had almost given up on seeking help until I learned about Mike Simpson and his wellness center. A random video popped up on my iPad one day, and it was an interview with Mike. I listened and felt so strong that I needed to make an appointment and I’m so glad I listened to that prompting. This was my last hope and I was so excited for my appointment. I’m happy to say after one appointment I was completely healed of my issue (an issue that doctors had no answers for) and I felt physically different right away. That appointment has forever changed my life and I can’t thank He and his staff enough. Mike truly is very gifted and helped me learn what the root of my issue was – false beliefs and deep wounds that were holding me back. I let them go that day and I was healed. I continue to refer friends, family, and complete strangers to Mike & Theta Wellness. ❤

Having gone to many seminars, read books on self progression/healing, gone to counseling, and also being a counselor myself, I am amazed with how effective this treatment was in just one session. The issue was completely cleared. My husband noticed a significant change in how I related to him and it has greatly improved our marriage.Mike was very aware of my needs. He took me as far as my comfort level would go and made it a safe place for me to heal. He guided and empowered me to pull the issue out by the roots.The Theta Wellness Team are kind and welcoming. you can tell they truly care about assisting people in their healing journey.

I throughly enjoyed my time at Theta Wellness Center, the staff and facility is very welcoming and peaceful. In the 28 day program I did, I recognized some significant changes. My cognition, focus, and retention have been a problem for me since I had a severe concussion, throughout the program though each improved tremendously. I used to not be able to read more than a couple of sentences in a book before I’d get frustrated and have to reread over again, but now I’m flying though the pages!Mike was very kind and helped a lot with eliminating blockages though hypnosis. I was in control the whole time of how deep I wanted to go with hypnosis, and Mike provided an environment where I felt safe and could trust him. I was able to shed many negative beliefs about myself that I haven’t even thought about since my completion of the program.

I was a little apprehensive at first, everything there was completely new to me and I wasn’t sure it would be right for me. I trusted in my ability to heal and in the ability of the staff to help me heal. I would definitely recommend the program to others, or even just for others to try some of the equipment Theta Wellness has to offer. Even though I was given a home unit to keep to continue my treatment after the program, I’ll be going back periodically to visit the staff as well as use some of the other machines available that weren’t included with my home unit. Overall I am feeling more sure of myself, my anxiety has decreased by over 80%, and I feel like I’ve been given a fresh start.

Theta Wellness has truly changed my life. The combination of their advanced scientifically backed technology, the powerful use of NLP and hypnotherapy along with the focus on diet and nutrition is the perfect combination for anyone wanting to enhance their life in any way. What Theta Wellness offers is exactly what has been missing in my life.

Mike, Diana, and the entire Theta team are an exceptional group of people. I go every week and find my experience and life changing worth every penny.I have been helped tremendously by Mike and his team. I am a better person today thanks to them.

You must go and try every machine.

I LOVE this place!!! I did a few treatments here and left feeling AHHHHHMAAAAZING!!! everyone there is so kind and helpful, and really takes the time to explain everything to you. I’ve personally worked with Mike Simpson not only myself, I’ve had my kids see him and friends and family that were struggling in different ways. He has such a calm and reassuring friendship with everyone that he meets with. He has powerful tools to help everyone and anyone. I seems everyone I know that is really struggling to him. You will love this place and Mike too!!!
Simply remarkable! The Theta treatment changed, and continues to change my life, for the better. It is hard to describe the transformation in me, but the best way I can sum it up is to say that the sense of well-being that I was seeking through alcohol, was restored to me and has not diminished in over a year! I have not had thoughts of drinking since I went through the treatment, and I have been through some hard life circumstances that would have sent me running for a bottle; yet, because my sense of well-being is intact and strong, I did not even consider alcohol as a solution, in fact, I found the opposite to be true and I drew from the inner strength I have gained from the Theta experience. Every person there TRULY cares about patients achieving wellness, serenity, peace and most of all release from the chains that mentally bind us. Not only do I recommend this treatment to ANYONE whom suffers from some form of addiction, I would like to think that getting me to shut up about the benefits is the real challenge! Life changing and amazing!

Working with the Mike helped me get to the inner underlying causes behind some of my most pervasive issues. He helped me become aware of things I had failed to see the significance of in my life. He helped me understand how my subconscious beliefs, many of the which I wasn’t aware of, were affecting my daily choices. It was eye opening to say the least.The staff at Theta Wellness was warm, helpful, and pleasant. I loved the Theta Chamber. Between the flashing lights, music, and spinning it felt a little like heading toward the light and seeing heaven. It sounds corny I know but it was effective at making me feel a different level of awareness and internalize the things I had just learned in my session.

I highly recommend this place and their staff.

I couldn’t be happier about The Theta Wellness Center in Sandy!! My son was about to go to Marines boot camp, but I was worried about him because his hands were constantly shaking. I needed to feel safe that he was going to have a steady shot, so this was a big concern of mine. Although, he had played sports all his life and played baseball in high school, he told me that it took all the concentration he had to hit the ball because of his Tremor in his hands. I asked him if he would please just come to the wellness center before he left and see what they could do for him, he agreed. I am still amazed at the result. After his treatment and after working with Mike through hypnotherapy, his hands were completely steady! He is now in boot camp, not only is he in the Top company in the Marines, but we just received word that he got a 241 out of 250 on the shooting range. Shooting from 500 yards. He got 2nd out of his whole company! (the guy who took first only got 1 more shot), and he’s never really shot guns before. Just to help you understand the accuracy of his shots, That is the length of 5 football fields and shooting something the size of a dinner plate. Absolutely Amazing!!! I am so grateful for everything Theta Wellness has done to help my son! Now I can have the peace of mind that he will be at his best! Thank you Diana and Mike, and the whole Theta family! ♡

No baby blues for this new momma. They say that every mom gets it to some degree for about 2 weeks after baby comes and then can possibly last longer and that is postpartum depression. Well! I was fully prepared for postpartum depression because I have suffered with depression for such a long time.I feel absolutely incredible and have been able to soak up every second with this darling girl. I attribute it ALL to Theta Wellness and the treatment I received for the 24 days before she was born!

With a history of bipolar depression this is the biggest miracle for me. Grateful i don’t have to be on medications that come with side affects anymore! It’s been 2 and a half months now since I finished the program and had my baby. I can truly say my depression is gone!

I love my “Theta Family” I grew to love everyone there and I am continuing to become the person I can say I am happy to be! I went through the 28 day program back in may of 2016 for depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder, and 6 months later I couldn’t be more happy with where my life’s direction has gone!! This place has changed my life, and the people that STILL continue to check up on me and make sure I am doing good. I owe this place my life and the chance they gave me to become who I am supposed to be.
Thank you to my wonderful Theta Family!!
After going to the Theta Wellness Center just a few times, my issues with grinding my teeth and tight jaw completely went away. It works! Thank you Mike and the Theta Wellness Team!
LOVE Theta Wellness Center. Had jaw issues for over a year. Mike fixed it in one visit! Other areas of my life improved greatly as well. Thank you!
Amazing experience! Great caring people that want the best for their clients.
I would go back at any opportunity available.
Thank you Mike and family!
This review is for post-partum depression treatment.
I had a sweet baby girl 5 1/2 months ago. After a couple weeks of having her I had feelings of wanting to throw this sweet baby over our stair railing in our home. I didn’t tell anyone until she was about 2 months old, when I finally told my sisters and husband.I went to my OB a couple days later and was put on medication. After a couple weeks on that I started to have that feeling go away. All meds for depression take about 6-8 weeks for you to fully feel the effects of it. After being on the meds about 4 weeks, my husband said my mood was much worse. Since he kept telling me how much my mood worsened and I wasn’t feeling the urge to through my baby over the railing, without doctor supervision I took myself off the meds cold turkey. After a week of going off of them I had the feeling of throwing her over coming back again.With the meds taking a couple weeks to kick in and at the same time hearing about Mike with Theta Wellness Center on Good Things Utah one day, I decided to give it a try. If it didn’t work then I would go back on my meds. But if it did work then it would hopefully be a lot faster than 2 weeks and I wouldn’t have to be medicated.

I went to the introduction class on a Saturday. Scheduled my comprehensive appointment with Mike for the following Monday. With NLP he dug deep into my feelings of why I felt the need to hurt my baby. When he got to one point I felt that was the full reason. But he kept going deeper into why and got to the real reason. From there he helped me realize I didn’t have to be angry at anyone else about it still and I didn’t have to feel any personal guilt over it. Then he did hypnotherapy on me to really help me throw my guilt and anger out.

It has now been 6 weeks since that one and only appointment. I still have not felt one urge to throw her over the railing or hurt her in any other way.

I’m not going to say this is the cureall for you, everyone, anyone. But this worked for me. What if it could work for you in your post-partum? You may need more than one appointment, but no drugs that you have to take and try to find the right combo for you. When all you need is some understanding as to why you have those feelings and resolve them. Good luck on your journey!

i suffered from a very traumatic experience and was met with debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. i was very resistant to coming in and trying the treatment but thankfully Mike convinced me to give it a shot. it helped me more than words can describe and i finally was able to live my life and follow my dreams. these people and this technology are amazing. i was very close to suicide before i came here, and i have never been further from it after finishing my treatment. mike and the rest of the employees continue to check up on me and make sure im doing well.
I have to say I had reservations. But I am a believer now. They have helped with life long allergies. I will be for ever grateful and a life long client. Thank you again for everything. Keep up the good work.
I would recommend Theta Wellness to anyone struggling with addiction, allergies or anxiety. For years I struggled with life crippling anxiety at home and in the work place. I had lost hope and could not see a way out of my condition. Working with Mike changed my life and I will be for ever grateful for his help in overcoming and facing my fears. I have never been more happy in all of my life. If you were drowning and someone threw you a life preserver would you grab it with all of your might. Theta Wellness has been that for me.
Mike Simpson at the Theta Wellness Center is an incredibly talented hypnotherapist and practitioner of NLP. Growing up I was allergic to cheese and would get violently ill if I ate it. Mike did an NLP process that took me back to a childhood memory when I had the flu and ate pizza. After taking me though the process I hesitantly had some pizza. To my surprise and major delight I no longer have problems eating cheese. It’s amazing to know that someone can undo psychosomatic problems! Mike was also able to hypnotize me which no other person has been able to do. I asked Mike to help me as an athlete with mental toughness. Within minutes of talking to him I was in an extremely deep relaxed, hypnotic state. In that state he was able to talk me through some deep core issues I had. As he brought me back out, I felt an amazing sense of resolve and surety. This has not only helped me in my athletic performance but also at home with my wife and kids. When stress is high and situational pressure is intense, I have a unique amount of resolve and fortitude that I didn’t have before my hypnosis session. These are only a couple of results (the least private ones) that I have gained in working with Mike. His ability to use hypnotherapy and NLP to cut right to the heart of issues makes working with him super effective AND efficient. I’ve spent months working with therapists that listen for an hour and ask questions but aren’t able to get to the level of depth and effectiveness of results that Mike is able to do in single sessions or a series of a few sessions. If you want your life to be better, need help with major life problems, or want to perform at a higher level at whatever it is you do, there is no better person to look to than Mike Simpson.
Mike is AMAZING!!!!! My boyfriend and I had some thing that we were dealing with and mike was able to help us out in so many ways. He got down to the real heart of the problem and helped us find out what we had to over come 1st in order to move forward. Thank you Mike so very much Derek and I won’t ever be able to thank you enough.
My doctor, a man named Dr. Porter referred me to Theta Wellness after basically testing me for anything and everything under the sun and realizing that anxiety and depression was not going away unless I got help for my “broken” brain. I have been on every antidepressant and anxiety medicine known to man since I was 19 years old (although looking back now, I had anxiety and depression starting much earlier) and it helped for the time being, but the side effects were horrendous. I think that for mothers and wives, it’s hard for us to admit defeat and to say we need help. Although, I had been medicated and been in and out of traditional therapy since about 19, the problems just got worse as I got older. Growing up I lived a very charmed life, and in HS I was very involved in cheer leading and school activities, but I had severe social anxiety, but looking at me you wouldn’t believe it. People assume because you look one way and you seem outgoing and happy, that you must not be suffering, but that just isn’t true. Depression and anxiety can affect anyone, and the symptoms are not as black and white as you think. You might not even know you have it until you hit a breaking point. On the surface it looks like women live these perfect lives with these “romantic comedy” like marriages and so they aren’t supposed to suffer from mental illness. After having my son 4 years ago, I suffered from horrible Post Partum Depression that never really went away until coming to Theta. I had tried everything you could think of and everything anyone suggested and it became crippling. It hurt my marriage, it made us stop trying to have more kids, it put a strain on my little family and gave me debilitating physical symptoms. I finally reached a breaking point and came to Theta Wellness, and my life completely and utterly changed. My first visit to the center in Sandy was incredible…on the way there I was fighting with my husband and crying and feeling like there was no way this place could help me, but when I walked in, you could literally feel the incredible positive energy in that place. Diana and Mike could not have been more friendly, welcoming, and genuine. I talked to Mike that first week and he did NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which is similar to traditional therapy, where you are just talking, but he was able to bring out things in me that YEARS of therapy couldn’t do. Mike also does Hypnosis Therapy and that is something that really gets to the root of the problem. In fact, my husband has been doing it with him, and he was able to connect and get to a place that he says he hasn’t been to in over 15 years. Just doing that alone, can be so incredibly beneficial. It was like a light went on, and I could see for the first time. Mike and Diana have changed our lives and I can proudly say that they are friends of my me and my husband now. After completing the program (about a month) almost all of my physical symptoms have disappeared. I used to suffer from horrible stomachaches, bad neck and back pain, insomnia, chronic colds and flu like symptoms on a daily basis. Basically I was a 33 year old woman who felt like I was 80 years old! It’s incredible that this technology has helped with my blood pressure, insulin resistance, and chronic fatigue. My energy is that of when I was a teenager! It’s honestly incredible.
I can’t say enough positive things about Theta Wellness! I had been dealing with a chronic neck issue for more than a year and had tried everything to get some relief. After one visit to Theta Wellness my neck issue completely resolved and I have not had any pain or problems since! Thank you Mike, Diana and Chantelle for all that you do!
I have had the most amazing Experiences at Theta Wellness Center. It is unlike anything I have ever done. I was not sure what was going on with my health and have tried everything to get feeling better. I have had so many test’s and have seen so many doctor’s and I would never get any answers as to what I could do, Except eat right and exercise. On the very 1st visit they were able to locate what was wrong by a very simple test.That was such a relief to finally get help.And then to use there other Technology they have gave me instant relief as I was in alot of pain. I was more than Excited!!! I would also like to say Mike Simpson who is at the Theta Wellness Center has helped me and my family and loved one’s when we were going through some really hard stuff in our lives and we needed someone that could talk to us and guide us through what we were going through alot easier than any other Therapist I have ever met with.There were different instances I needed him that day for help and was in Awe how quickly he helped me in just 1 hour. He is so experienced with the technics he knows and just his natural ability and to help people quickly has been the biggest blessing in my life to have found him too. This Center is unlike anything you can find. It truly will heal the Physical Suffering along with the Emotional Suffering you may be experiencing. Go 1 time you won’t regret it!!!!
Love the theta wellness center Mike and Diana are amazing people and are truly invested in offering the best care available..
Great people, great business, great results.
This place is life changing. It\’s unbelievable the miracles that happen. Mike Simpson and his incredible staff are skilled, knowledgable and genuinely concerned for the well being of their clients. Without a doubt I highly recommend Mike Simpson and Theta Wellness Center.
Since I had such an amazing experience at Theta, my review is long. First an overall summary: the Theta Wellness Center in Sandy, and Mike Simpson in particular, gave me back my life. Through hypnotherapy/NLP and technology that stimulates the brain, Theta helped me come back from debilitating depression, anxiety, and physical complaints.
Being someone with a background in mental health and having an interest in levels of consciousness and states of awareness, I was intrigued by the theta-therapy and hypnosis-therapy that is offered at the Theta Wellness Center. I wanted to experience firsthand the state-of-the-art technology used at the Theta Wellness Center so that I would be more confident in making recommendations to others concerning the experience that the Center has to offer in term of mental health. My experiences at the Theta Wellness Center were beyond my expectations. Mike welcomed me into the Center and allowed me to experience every aspect of Theta-therapy and hypnosis-therapy. Mike is very knowledgable in his field and explained to me the importance of each approach he implements at the center. I was very enthusiastic to experience the hypnosis part of the therapy. Mike is a master in the field of hypnosis and made me feel at ease during the entire process. The atmosphere in the Theta Wellness Center is very Zen-like and calming. It is easy to relax there and experience the hypnosis to the fullest extent possible. I would highly recommend the Theta Wellness Center to anyone who wants to enhance their level of mental wellness.
Mike Simpson is absolutely amazing! I never believed in hypnotism, but I do now. What we went through today will never be forgotten. He removed a boulder that I have been carrying for decades. Now, I feel as light as air, and it only took one session. Amazing. Charismatic. Concerned.Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mike.
I can\’t begin to express how good I feel! After one hypnosis session my anxiety and depression are gone! I\’ve been taking antidepressants for thirty years and have not been able to function without them, but I\’m easing off my meds and I feel absolutely amazing. Mike Simpson truly has a gift for healing!
Doing the 28 day Theta Wellness Treatment Plan changed my life. Getting to know the owner Mike Simpson has had a profound impact on my struggle. I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder in 2002 and have had major life struggles with it ever since. Mike has been able to help and impact my condition in ways dozens of other doctors couldn\’t. I give him and his team the highest recommendation. If you struggle with mental illness, anxiety, depression, or addiction this is the place you need to visit. I still speak with Mike weekly after my treatment has ended and owe him for how my life has changed for the better.

This place is life changing. It’s unbelievable the miracles that happen. Mike Simpson and his incredible staff are skilled, knowledgable and genuinely concerned for the well being of their clients.

Without a doubt I highly recommend Mike Simpson and Theta Wellness Center.

The Theta Wellness Center is amazing. When I walked into the center I went in with so much anxiety that I had been suffering from. I was able to experience the theta chamber. This was the first time in over a week that I was able to feel calm and peaceful. It was truly a beautiful experience. I was amazed at the calm that enveloped me. It was very needed.

Since I had such an amazing experience at Theta, my review is long. First an overall summary: the Theta Wellness Center in Sandy, and Mike Simpson in particular, gave me back my life. Through hypnotherapy/NLP and technology that stimulates the brain, Theta helped me come back from debilitating depression, anxiety, and physical complaints.

You can stop there if you’re satisfied. If you want to hear more, read on for extreme detail! 🙂

I have struggled with depression since high school, and am in my 30s now. Over the years, other things added on–crippling anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, joint pain, etc. While I appeared happy and normal on the outside (I worked hard to maintain that image), on the inside I felt horrible. Even if my physical health was okay, I could never shake this unrelenting feeling of worthlessness and self-loathing. I was constantly battling with myself. Sometimes it was a whisper, and sometimes it was a roar–but it was always there. Medication didn’t help, and sometimes made it worse. Therapy just seemed to talk about things without resolving it. Alternative health gave me better results, but nothing lasted.

Before coming to Theta, I’d noticed a pattern. I’d get myself well and manage life okay for about 3-5 years–but then, my health would make a huge decline. The exact “reason” changed, but the result was the same. When I wasn’t healthy, the other demons lurking under the surface became unmanageable–and I’d collapse. At that point, surviving day-to-day became a battle. That’s where I was–at one of my lowest points–when my mom found information online about Theta.

I was skeptical. I was in a very bad place. I was struggling with severe suicidal ideation and constant feelings of self-loathing. I told Mike, at one of the free classes at Theta, that I’d tried everything and had no hope left. It was kind of a leap of faith, committing to a program that required a significant amount of time and money. However, I got a good feeling from Mike. I could tell he was really perceptive, and he said that if I did the program, he’d do everything in his power to help me be successful.

And he did. It’s almost unbelievable, but the combination of the scientific technology and the NLP/hypnotherapy really did what I’d always wanted–it took those feelings of worthlessness and self-loathing away! I don’t have to battle with them anymore. There was pain in my subconscious, Mike helped me reach it, we resolved it, and it’s gone! Mike is very gifted at hypnosis. I’d even tried hypnotherapy before, but what Mike does is different. It goes deeper. It really gets to the root of the issues.

It’s been five months since I finished my treatment. But as soon as I was done, I could tell a difference. I don’t carry around the burdens I used to. And the technology helped balance my brain! I still use the take-home technology, though not every day anymore. But, when something that used to be stressful comes up, I use it more. I call it exercise for my brain! It’s amazing, and I have it at my fingertips! I also like that I have control–I can use my Home Unit and CES whenever I want, and as much as I want, to take care of myself. And I can always go and do another session with Mike, if I need a little direction. For me, he’s better than a traditional therapist!

Now I see that the majority of my health problems–physical, emotional, and mental–were manifestations of the havoc that was in my subconscious. I was in serious pain, but it was buried so deep I couldn’t access it, even with traditional therapy. There was a program in my subconscious that if I got too successful, my body had to start shut down, because I was not allowed to be successful. That was why I was crashing every 3-5 years! Mike and Theta changed that. If you’ve tried other things without success, or are looking to get well without medication, this is where you go. I wish I’d found it years ago! But I’m so glad I found it when I did.

Being someone with a background in mental health and having an interest in levels of consciousness and states of awareness, I was intrigued by the theta-therapy and hypnosis-therapy that is offered at the Theta Wellness Center. I wanted to experience firsthand the state-of-the-art technology used at the Theta Wellness Center so that I would be more confident in making recommendations to others concerning the experience that the Center has to offer in term of mental health. My experiences at the Theta Wellness Center were beyond my expectations. Mike welcomed me into the Center and allowed me to experience every aspect of Theta-therapy and hypnosis-therapy. Mike is very knowledgable in his field and explained to me the importance of each approach he implements at the center. I was very enthusiastic to experience the hypnosis part of the therapy. Mike is a master in the field of hypnosis and made me feel at ease during the entire process. The atmosphere in the Theta Wellness Center is very Zen-like and calming. It is easy to relax there and experience the hypnosis to the fullest extent possible. I would highly recommend the Theta Wellness Center to anyone who wants to enhance their level of mental wellness.
Mike Simpson is absolutely amazing! I never believed in hypnotism, but I do now. What we went through today will never be forgotten. He removed a boulder that I have been carrying for decades. Now, I feel as light as air, and it only took one session. Amazing. Charismatic. Concerned.Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mike.
I can’t begin to express how good I feel! After one hypnosis session my anxiety and depression are gone! I’ve been taking antidepressants for thirty years and have not been able to function without them, but I’m easing off my meds and I feel absolutely amazing. Mike Simpson truly has a gift for healing!
Many that live deserve death,
And some that die deserve life.
Can you give it to them??
Then do not be too eager to
Deal out judgment-
For even the very wise cannot see all ends~Gandalf This is a place of healing and hope.
The wellness center offers a place of more than second chances- it offers a lifetime of being free of bondage.
We carry generational scars, that keep us from reaching our full potential.
Let the team of trained professionals, help you to break free –
For there is no greater gift, than the gift of freedom! Thanks Mike and Dianna for all the years of healing, help, and friendship.
Absolutely top notch service and experience! Mike and his staff are highly professional yet warm and inviting. If you’re on the fence about what they offer take the leap and I guarantee you will be glad you did.
The last couple of years I have been involved in two car accidents. Ever since then, I have had extreme anxieties when I drive. These anxieties about driving caused me to avoid driving and limited my mobility and ability to attend various events at distant locations around the city. I was always dependent upon the kindness of others to drive me, especially if it required driving on the freeway. A few months ago I was introduced to the Theta Wellness Center by my husband. During just one therapy and hypnosis session with Mike, I was able to confront my anxieties and was able resolve the feelings that I was experiencing which revolved around the car accidents in my life. The freedom from these anxieties has permitted me to live a much more functional life and to participate in events that I once shied away from if they required me to drive to them. If you are seeking to overcome anxieties in your life, then I highly recommend the Theta Wellness Center in Sandy, Utah .
If I could give more than 5 stars I would!! What an amazing experience and help this was for me. My husband was the one that suggested that I try this and I am so glad that he did. The pain and garbage that I was carrying around with me was so disruptive to my health. life and to my family. I knew something was there, but I(we) did not know how to get rid of it. Mike and Heather, they helped make life brighter, more possible for me. I honestly thought I was too messed with – to broken to be helped. I will never forget what they have done for me. Pieces of me that have been missing for 20+ years, due to all sorts of abuse and pain, were able to be taken care of and actually returned to me whole, I am whole again! I feel whole again! There are no words, honestly there are none! I kept telling Mike that, but it is true. Thank you Mike, Heather and everyone at Theta Wellness! Thank you for the sunshine, thank you for the Butterfly floating on the breeze, no longer tangled in the wires of the past. -Please know, this is real! It is not a hoax, it is not a scam, it is real. The healing is real and the rebirth you feel is real. Just because something seems out of the “common” realm of treatments does not mean it is not real. I was able to move past pain without having to dissect every little episode. I am happy and whole again. Thank you! -Rae

I have to say I love theta wellness an recommend this place in Sandy Utah fully :). I had some really big hurdles to get through with anxiety and depression and things in my life such as allergies that are rare and strange well there gone Thanks to Mike Simpson I have had several both spiritual and healing from him and through the machines I feel awesome an energized I have had some powerful experiences. My mind has been cleared off dout and blame for my self and about others. I also feel energized felt with the light of Christ in my heart and before I felt just the opsite as I do now.

My prayers always get answered my health always improves with the things I worked on and I feel loved. Also I feel and know Mike is an amazing guide and great emotional help meet in the healing process I recommend the 21 to 28 day package that helped me the most and then the home units are helpful and key. I do recommend the poly mag and light bed as well as energy scanner and light wave as well as what you feel will help you I say work with Mike and the staff and he and his wife will lead you to the best need of your treatments the suppilments are great and it all up to what you feel comfortable to do it’s all your choice. I was hesitant at first but after going through and doing my own spiritual things that has helped me showed up it’s all about faith I say at the same time I saw Christ several times in my visualization and he hugged me and I woke up each time with healing for what I needed that day and on.
I see healing in my life and finance and God matters to me Christ matters to me and the Holly spirit I personally wanted that above all to feel loved and to feel as if I’m ok in life and I got that through this and as well as being drawn to the goals I have in life. I had struggle with nlp hypnosis however by the end it worked amazingly and was worth it I trusted that it would work and for me it did. Do don’t try lol like Yoda has said sort of lol I want others to know I know this place does help I’ve seen it help me and others. I know when you give this place a chance you will be helped both physically mentally and spiritually regardless of your faith and belief it’s really awesome. Do you research on this place and the people and you will notice also try the class and learn what nlp is and what the machines do at least take a tour and learn then do it that is what I know will help.
I spiritually was drawn to this place through praying and it cleared my abusive feelings and thoughts that have been done to me in my life and that I may have had been taught I’m totally the full me I was before all the harm that I went through and the learnings from this and home units will help me and can help you when you check this out.
My favorite was seeing Christ hug me and I just balled because I’ve always wanted to experience that and now I do all the time 🙂 also I see miracles happen around me and I pray for them for others I meet and anyone that comes to contact with me in anyway. I would say don’t hesitate just do believe have faith and know your worth being healed your worth being loved. I know personally Christ loves you and me and I know this place is connected to his love for sure.
My health is still physically a need I keep working on physically but I am way better emotionally and breathing wise then I have when I first started this so I highly recommend this place I endorce theta wellness in Sandy location highly 🙂

Mike Simpson is amazing. He has made an incalculable difference in the wellbeing of our family. I am so grateful to him for this.
In one or a few sessions, he is able to do what could take years of regular therapy. I highly recommend him, by far!He uses NLP and hypnosis, which I find is super effective. I have been to another therapist that does NLP as well, but it still doesn’t come close to what Mike is able to do. It’s like this is his God-given talent.

The biggest difference in my life is how much Mike has helped my husband. Our whole family was in a state of suffering because he was so stressed with work, and was dealing with grief from a deceased family member. Previously, my husband had talked to many people and tried different things. Finally, in a short session with Mike, my husband was able to get to the bottom of the real issues and find the relief in his state of mind. Right after that session, a huge amount of peace was back in our home, and in our relationship. Even his work life is better.

I have personally had a session with Mike as well, with similar results. I had an issue, and I didn’t really even understand fully what it was. I just knew I was in a state of suffering. Mike was able to help me pinpoint the issue through NLP, and helped me change my perspective and find mental relief. After the session, I even felt my stuffy nose and sinus pressure clear, and felt so much better physically as well! It’s crazy how the mind and body are related.
I have studied psychosomatic (mind/body) medicine and I understand that the body can carry physical pain associated with emotional pain. I highly recommend Mike to anyone who has physical pain that they don’t understand, and have found no relief from doctors and other modes of physical therapy. You may get relief from these sessions!

I will have to come back and write another review later with more details on physical improvement and other evidence of healing I’m sure, however I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and amazement after my first visit today that I had to go ahead and write something! I admit to shedding tears on my way to the Theta Wellness Center earlier today because I knew if this didn’t work, I had nothing left in me to try anything else. I have been on a journey of seeking health for years, probably since childhood to be honest. I can’t remember a time that I didn’t have chronic fatigue and have only worsened through the years and developed many other symptoms like chronic joint pain, migraines, insomnia, and in more recent years anxiety and debilitating fear. I have made my life’s work revolve around my quest for relief and improvement in my own health, choosing a career in natural and alternative healing. Despite loving to learn about natural healing modalities and constantly researching and trying everything from the most traditional to the most obscure healing practices, I always seemed to hit a wall in what little improvements I experienced. And to make matters worse after hitting that wall I always seemed to regress backward further than where I had started. This was compounded by several experiences of extreme heartbreak, loss and trauma through the last few years and I eventually found myself debilitated by fear. I was afraid to try anything more for fear of making things worse, and yet afraid to relax and stop jumping through all the physical hoops I had collected along the way (nutrition, detox programs, obsessively researching looking for “the answer”, etc) because I already felt so rotten that I thought I couldn’t get away without it. I couldn’t tell anymore what was helping and what was hurting and my mind and body were so exhausted and in so much pain that I had to withdraw from my career so I knew I couldn’t keep up physically or financially anymore. This is when I finally started to realize that there must be something deeper going on than me just needing the right physical solution. I started to understand that I must have some inner emotional block to healing. It was so frustrating hearing from doctors or just healthy friends that I just needed to try harder or be more disciplined. I was disciplining myself to death! It was truly in the nic of time that I found the Theta Wellness Center and although I attended my first class with apprehension and a fear of getting my hopes up and being disappointed, I left that night after class feeling profoundly sure that I was in the right place. There is something truly different about Mike. Remember this is coming from a holistic healthcare practitioner myself, so I am used to interacting with many different kinds of healers and practitioners, most of which do have a desire to help people. But the genuine-ness I sensed from Mike from that first class deeply moved me. I didn’t just feel like I’d found a “good doctor”. I deeply sensed both his desire and profound skill for helping people get to their core issues in a loving and safe environment to facilitate true healing. He shows respect and understanding for my spiritual beliefs and, especially after my first consultation and treatment today, I feel confident that we will be able to move forward in helping me heal spiritual and emotional deep wounds that have been preventing me from healing physically. I am still in awe at the bliss and profound confidence I felt today even while addressing painful wounds that my subconscious had built seemingly impenetrable walls around. I had been afraid going in today of what “traumas” or repressed memories I might have to face, however I can tell you that even with some emotions being released, it was all a very pleasant and safe feeling experience. And I finally get what so many people have described in feeling as if a burden is lifted. I look forward to adding to this review later after seeing how things change in my life as a result. I am so grateful already!
Had the best experience with Mike Simpson using Theta and hypnosis. Me and my two boys are forever changed for the good! Simply put, my anxiety and depression are completely gone after one session with Mike. My son had severe ADHD, been on meds since he was in Kindergarten, and was in a special program at school for kids with behavioral special needs from 1st-6th grade. He is 12 and off all his ADHD meds! It’s still hard for us to wrap our heads around this miracle!
My other son who is 17 has battled depression and anxiety for years. It has consumed his life. Through years of trying med after med and watching it get better and worse while tearing my mama heart to pieces is no way to live. We stumbled upon an opportunity to see Mike and decided to give it a try. We are almost done weaning him off all his meds (we took it slow)! He is happy and talkative which if you knew him, you would be amazed!
I can’t express enough how grateful we are to have found something that has worked for us! Were we skeptical this could work? Absolutely, but we figured, why not give it a try. We couldn’t be any worse off. And we were so glad we did!
I would strongly recommend this to anyone, seriously, anyone who wants to better themselves in any way! In my opinion, nothing is off limits to give it a try! Everyone deserves to be Happy & healthy!
Great people, great business, great results. I recently finished a 28 day program. Before I felt emotionally neutral almost all the time. Now i feel emotions I haven’t felt in a long while. I highly recommend the program. I feel great!

I’ve been in to see Mike twice and both experiences have been awesome. I initially went in to address issues of anxiety, depression, eating disorder history, childhood trauma, grief/loss, weight gain, etc. he is very warm and kind and treated me with care both times. My experience with being hypnotized was so beautiful. It’s clear to me that these two visits were easily two of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I saw things and felt things that I will never forget and that will always remind me that I am lovable and worthy of love. It’s been a couple months since I have been been and I’ve noticed an increased flexibility in the way I think. I now feel like I have more choices and options when it comes to how I react to people and situations or how I take care of myself. I don’t get as frustrated or angry as easily. I’m learning to let myself believe that I deserve love just as much as any other human. I am forgiving myself and allowing God’s healing love and light to enter my soul. I thought for a long time that I just needed to be really good and righteous and punish myself when I made mistakes in order to be loved by God and that it was my lot in life to struggle for my whole life. I just don’t think that way anymore. When I make a mistake now, I don’t feel as afraid to take responsibility and move forward. I feel very liberated. This life is full of struggles and difficulties, but not because I was or am a bad person.

It’s one thing to think a thought or even entertain a nice thought about who I am and what I’m worth. It’s an entirely new privilege to believe a new story about myself, one that rolls around and around in my mind throughout the day and breathes life and light into my soul.

If you don’t think you can heal your life, come see Mike and he will! My family has received invaluable help from Mike’s techniques. From trauma, to anxiety, to releasing old memories, he can help with it all. The effects are astounding. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for my biggest issues. Heather is also a wonderful addition to the THETA team! She genuinely cares about your well being and is very knowledgeable.

My son Chris suffered from severe PTSD and alcohol abuse because of a terrible incident that happened to him. He suffered 18 years of hell. He went on non stop drinking binges for a week at a time, would get himself extremely sick, sober up and do it again. He couldn’t stay sober for more than a month unless he was in rehab or jail. He also went to many different therapists. We thought we found someone who could help him, a Vietnam vet that had suffered from PTSD and on his website, he claimed he really knew what PTSD sufferers went through and he really “got it”. I believe he did, but he didn’t have a way to cure Chris’s suffering and self abuse. Nothing worked.

One night we got a call from our son telling us he couldn’t take it anymore and he was going to kill himself and he hung up the phone. You can imagine my panic at that thought. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Out of the blue I got a phone call from a relative telling us about the Theta Wellness Center. My husband called and talked to Mike. He was skeptical that this would work for Chris because up to this point, nothing worked. We knew that he had to change his way of thinking about himself or the result would be failure just like the many attempts for help in the past.

The result of Mike Simpson working with Chris is nothing short of a miracle. It seems almost impossible but Chris is truly better. He does not have any guilt about what happened to him and looks at the past 18 years as a nightmare he woke up from. The PTSD and alcohol abuse is gone and I have my son back. Mike is so gifted and skilled at what he did that it is beyond words. He truly is a miracle worker.

What Mike Simpson does works! If you know someone who is suffering from severe PTSD or addiction you are probably desperate for help like we were. You need to send them to the Theta Wellness Center. It will be the best money you ever spent.