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The recent occurrence of Eating Disorder Awareness Week covering the final days of February and the beginning of March highlights the dangerous eating disorders that affect 30 million Americans. Our beauty- and food-obsessed culture has resulted in a widespread battle against body image. Our team at Theta Wellness Center wants to help you maintain proper nutrition, and we offer insight on how to eat for your health.


We offer over 70 nutrients in both water and soluble fat form to provide patients with multivitamin and mineral supplementation to provide our patients with essential nutrients for energy, absorption and better health.

Helpful Greens

If you struggle to consume a proper amount of greens, we invite you to learn more about our Greens 21 supplement, which is rich in botanicals and greens. Our high-quality greens are free of fillers to ensure you are receiving only what you need to achieve proper nutrition.


Protein offers amino acid building blocks that enable us to produce the right amount of brain chemicals, which help to balance mood. If you have a poor protein intake, you may find that our natural, low-calorie and gluten-free protein shakes offer the nutrition your body needs in a product you want to eat.


With age comes a decreased ability to produce digestive enzymes, reducing nutrient intake. Instead of struggling with digestion, you can ingest an enzyme supplement to help your body absorb the foods you eat and extract the nutrients you need for energy, health and happiness.

For more information on how proper nutrition improves poor body image in Sandy, Utah, contact our office at 801-590-7461 today to schedule a consultation with Mike Simpson and our team.