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The holidays are just around the corner. For many people, this is a time of friends, family, and celebrations. But other people will do their best to get through the season struggling with various types of depression, chronic pain, PTSD, ADHD, anxiety, or addiction to tobacco, alcohol, drugs or pornography. For others, allergies, chronic pain or illness will mar the festivities. Fortunately, Mike Simpson and the team at the Theta Wellness Center can help you address the obstacles between you and wholeness in body and mind.

The Theta Wellness Center uses counseling, nutrition, hypnosis, pain management and neuro-linguistic programming to help you reach your wellness goals. The Theta Chamber℠ and Whole Body Light Stimulation℠ are also innovative techniques used to address the root causes of your condition, as opposed to simply managing the symptoms. And it is done without the use of drugs, and in a supportive environment.

Although the Theta Wellness Center currently has a two-month waiting list, we are committed to helping as many people as possible achieve healthier, more balanced and positive lives. Our staff excels at finding ways to accommodate your needs in creative ways, and in ways that are affordable. If you are interested in finding out more about the diverse methods that the Theta Wellness Center can use to address the issues that have been holding you back from enjoying better health, you can call 801-590-7461 today. However, why not come in and get to know us in person? We are excited to meet you and to introduce you to the different techniques that can restore your wellbeing. We offer open houses on Wednesday evenings at 6 and Saturday Mornings at 11. The Theta Wellness Center is located at 8789 Highland Drive, Suite 200 in Sandy. Contact us today and let’s get you started on the road to a healthier and happy life!