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If you are struggling with anxiety and depression, you are not alone. Research has shown that these two debilitating yet common conditions affect close to 55 million people just in our country alone. While therapy and medicine have long been employed to help those coping with these conditions, more and more people are supplementing these options with Theta Technology, hypnosis and NLP for recovery assistance here at Theta Wellness Center. The results have been amazing but consistent.

We offer hypnosis for those who are looking for help discovering and releasing hidden motivations and trauma that may be contributing to your problems. Using hypnosis to alter your state of consciousness, we can help you find and release blocked and hidden memories, limiting beliefs and attitudes, and suppressed fears and deep anguish. A large part of our “real” identity lives within our unconscious mind where memories and trauma are stored but often hidden. Our conscious mind is the rational headquarters of the mind that is often completely oblivious to these hidden influences and undercurrents that typically sabotage and undermine our lives. How do you solve a puzzle when you can’t find all of the pieces?

Using various methods of enhanced awareness, guided visualization and proven OMNI hypnosis techniques, you can safely move into hypnosis where you safely begin this profound process of discovery and release. An interesting less-known fact is that most people go into  hypnosis on their own on their nearly 30 times a day. Have you ever been on a long road trip and wondered where the last 2 hours went? Exactly! And it is through this type of “dreamy” hypnosis where we can greatly improve our chances of discovering crucial hidden clues that may be contributing to our deepest struggles.

When paired with medical oversight and perspective, hypnosis helps you to access these hidden motivations, thoughts and feelings and make them available to your own free will and rational mind where you can create amazing changes. In this relaxed state of hypnosis, you can discover and even rewrite your identity, attitudes, beliefs, fears and behaviors. Hypnosis helps bypass your inner critical thinking, thus allowing you to identify these painful, destructive patterns and behaviors that are causing unhappiness.

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