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Drug-related deaths have doubled since the 1980’s, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Drug addiction and substance abuse cause more deaths, illnesses, and disabilities than any other preventable health condition. Our specialized team offers hope for overcoming drug addictions in Sandy, Utah.

The non-addicted brain uses control mechanisms to assess the value of stimuli and whether or not the planned response is appropriate. Because of drug use, the control circuit becomes impaired in an addicted brain. The brain them loses much of this inhibitory power.

Altered brain chemistry is the root of the addiction problem. If a treatment fails to normalize your brain chemistry, it likely will not succeed. Many drug-addiction treatments focus not on resolving the issue, but dealing with it. On the other hand, Theta Wellness Center utilizes a series of technologies that focus on the neurological part of drug addiction. We are proud to tell you that our treatment results are up to 3 times faster and 11 times more effective than traditional rehabilitation treatments. If you are searching for a way to overcome your drug addiction and regain control of your life, Theta Wellness Center can be a source of hope!

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