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“A sound mind is in a sound body.” That is an ancient Greek proverb which holds true, even in the 21st Century. Through the years, people have lost sight of the very basic truth that the mind and body are not just co-located in the same space but are inextricably connected and interdependent.

At the Theta Wellness Center, we specialize in noninvasive and innovative ways to address such issues as anxiety, addiction, chronic pain, allergies, PTSD, detox and pain management problems. We also assist clients who are coping with postpartum depression, bipolar disorders and even teeth grinding. Moreover, we recognize that because the body and the mind are connected, a holistic approach to resolving life’s issues can often be beneficial.

Nutrition has a direct impact on the health of your body and your mind. In a world of fast food, processed foods, chemically enhanced and genetically-modified meals, there is a good chance that your body, and therefore your mind, are not receiving the vitamins and minerals they need to function at healthier levels. Poor nutrition can also complicate mental and physical issues.

Since so much depends on good nutrition, the staff at the Theta Wellness Center integrate nutrition into a client’s wellness plan. We offer a vitamin and mineral supplement program rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients along with essential vitamins and minerals. We can also provide essential nutrients from green vegetables with our Greens 21 supplement, along with an enzyme supplement to assist your body in digesting and absorbing the nutrients that are so essential to your body and mind. Our bodies require protein and the Theta Wellness Center offers a delicious all-natural shake to help satisfy your body’s needs,

To learn more about how proper nutrition can keep your body and mind healthier, please contact Mike Simpson and the staff at the Theta Wellness Center in Sandy, Utah. You can reach us by calling 801-590-7461 today.