Thank you for visiting Theta Wellness Center online! We are excited to be of service to you. Our compassionate, capable, and considerate team is here to help you overcome your addictions, behavioral disorders, and other conditions so you can live your life to its absolute fullest. With our science- and technology-based approach, our recovery assistance is not only drug-free but also fast and more efficient. We look forward to helping you discover your better self when you visit with our doctors and professionals, Mike Simpson, Diana Simpson, Todd Rawle, Tracy Rawle, Amber Rawle, Dr. Stuart Porter, and Dr. Bonnie Warinski. Come visit Theta Wellness Center today, your rehabilitation center in Sandy, Utah, Draper, Utah, and all areas northbound. We also offer out-of-state recovery assistance.

Monday—Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (extended hours available)
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Theta Wellness Center
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