How a Habit Turns into Addiction

The nature of addiction does not discriminate age, sex, race or social status. This means that anyone can develop an addiction at any time. Addictions start out as habits that become compulsory over time. We review the process of how a habit of drinking, smoking, viewing pornography or experiencing other... Read more »

Addressing Alcoholism as a Treatable Addiction

Alcohol Awareness Month was established in 1987 by the NCADD to address stigmas of alcoholism and provide further information on alcoholic recovery. We are pleased to contribute to raising awareness of alcoholism and treatment options to help individuals and families achieve recovery. Some people have a genetic predisposition for alcoholism... Read more »

Treating Insomnia with Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation

Everyone experiences a poor night’s sleep now and then, but if you find yourself struggling night after night to fall asleep and remain unconscious until morning, you may be one of as much as 35% of Americans who struggle with insomnia. If natural remedies and medicines are not impacting your... Read more »

Proper Nutrition to Combat Poor Body Image

The recent occurrence of Eating Disorder Awareness Week covering the final days of February and the beginning of March highlights the dangerous eating disorders that affect 30 million Americans. Our beauty- and food-obsessed culture has resulted in a widespread battle against body image. Our team at Theta Wellness Center wants... Read more »

The Chemical Truth About PTSD

There are many misconceptions of PTSD, such as the following: that it is simply stress, only experienced by combat veterans, makes people dangerous, or is something to “just get over.” The truth is that PTSD involves a chemical imbalance in the brain caused by a traumatic event that can be... Read more »

Alcohol Addiction and Heart Disease

February is Heart Disease Awareness Month, and we want to raise awareness of the precursors to heart disease--specifically, substance abuse. We review the link between alcohol and heart disease and how you can break free of alcohol addiction. Alcohol intake is considered substance abuse when it significantly impairs your ability... Read more »

Why Smoking Tobacco Is So Addictive

If you have a habit of smoking, you may have caught yourself craving a cigarette now and then even if you had no conscious plans to excuse yourself for a smoke break. This is due to the dependence-forming property of the nicotine, which can cause you to develop a destructive... Read more »

A Drug-Free Approach to Treating Anxiety Disorder

With the dawn of the new year, many individuals battling mental illness are regarding the next 360-plus days with the hope of finally obtaining a firm grasp on their condition. If you struggle with anxiety or a stress disorder, this can be the year that you find a treatment method... Read more »

Symptoms of Lyme Disease That Are Often Mistaken for Something Else

Lyme disease is referred to as the Great Imitator because its symptoms overlap with those of many other health conditions. For this reason, many patients may not realize for some time that they need to seek medical treatment. To help you know if you should be tested for Lyme disease,... Read more »

Start the New Year Fresh With Our Detox Program

Our bodies are designed to withstand a lot, but even the strongest of us can be weakened by a buildup of toxins. When your body is vulnerable, it is more likely to develop health problems and begin to break down. At Theta Wellness Center, we invite you to start the... Read more »