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Alcohol Awareness Month was established in 1987 by the NCADD to address stigmas of alcoholism and provide further information on alcoholic recovery. We are pleased to contribute to raising awareness of alcoholism and options to help individuals and families achieve recovery.

Some people have a genetic predisposition for alcoholism and need to exercise extreme caution in their approach to drinking alcohol. Others start out as experimental or “social drinkers” and slowly shift to using alcohol as a coping mechanism. When addiction occurs, it changes the circuitry of the brain and makes it difficult to know when to cease a destructive behavior. This can result in binge drinking and remaining in a constant drunken state. Therefore, it’s crucial to normalize brain chemistry in order to successfully address addiction.

Theta Wellness Center utilizes a drug-free neurological approach to address imbalances in the brain’s chemistry to help resolve the root of addiction. By restoring the brain’s ability to produce normal amounts of neurotransmitters, you may experience enhanced wellbeing, improved self-control, reduced cravings and elevated mood.

We encourage you to contact Theta Wellness Center at 801-590-7461 today to speak with Mike Simpson and our dedicated team about your options for addressing alcoholism in Sandy, Utah. We work with you to create a wellness plan that reduces the risk of relapse and assists you on your path to recovery.