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The word “addiction” can conjure up many images in our mind, none of which we want to associate with ourselves. The problem with those images is that there is no one face and no single image of an addict. The last person we might want to think of as struggling with an addiction is ourselves.

However, millions of people across the United States struggle with some form of addiction, and it may not be with drugs or alcohol. It may be food, shopping, pornography or even tobacco use. You may have made promises to your family, promises to God, maybe even promises to yourself. Time after time, you may have said that this will be your last drink, last pill, last cigarette, last time on the computer, the last trip for candy bars or clothes. And then you sort through the guilty feelings, the lost money, the lost time, and the lost self-respect when you fail to live up to your resolutions.

It isn’t that you don’t want to quit — you just don’t know how! And there is no shortage of books, programs and people to tell you how and why to quit. The problem is that none of them so far have worked. If that is the case for you, it may be time to get to the root cause of your problem instead of only addressing the symptoms.

At the Theta Wellness Center, we understand that in the case of the addiction, the brain has been re-programmed to only allow feelings of happiness when associated with some type of behavior, chemical or drug. Instead of only focusing on modifying your behavior, we also work to help restore the chemicals in your brain to their natural balance, which offers you the chance to live a life you love, instead of existing under the shadow of addiction. By merging processes involving sound, light, motion, hypnosis and even nutrition, we can assist you with ways to recover your life and rebuild it.

If you are tired of struggling with addiction, if you are ready to live life outside of the shadows and want the weight to be lifted from your shoulders, please contact the Theta Wellness Center in Sandy, Utah, today at 801-590-7461, or visit us at Every person and every addiction is different, but together we can help you create a program to assist you on the road to wellness.