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With the dawn of the new year, many individuals battling mental illness are regarding the next 360-plus days with the hope of finally developing a firm grasp on their condition. If you struggle with anxiety or a stress disorder, this can be the year that you find a recovery assistance method that goes beyond just dealing with daily symptoms and offering a long-term recovery solution to anxiety.

Theta Wellness Center offers a drug-free approach to addressing anxiety and stress disorders to help you improve your quality of life without the risk of addiction.

An estimated 25.1% of teenagers and 18.1% of adults in the US struggle with some form of anxiety or stress disorder, and prescription drugs have rapidly become one of the most common coping methods, surpassing therapy in popularity. The influx of prescription drug use and subsequent drug abuse has caused many doctors to think twice before doling out a prescription. Many anti-anxiety drugs are habit forming and can cause long-term issues with addiction.

Our team at [practice_  name] is pleased to offer a drug-free approach to helping resolve anxiety and stress and protect our patients from the risk of addiction. We combine cutting-edge technologies in a wellness program to assist the brain with normalizing its neurotransmitter production and return to a healthier state. Well-balanced levels of neurotransmitters can help you enjoy an improved mood, greater self-control, and overall better wellbeing.

If you are hoping to address mental or physical manifestations of a stress or anxiety disorder, we encourage you to contact our office at 801-590-7461 today and learn more about your options for anxiety recovery assistance in Sandy, Utah. Dr. Mike Simpson and our team will gladly sit down with you to discuss your condition and develop a customized wellness approach.